Our Practice Pharmacists work with patients to ensure that they are using the most effective medication and use it appropriately to manage long and short term conditions.  They also manage requests for repeat medications, and review repeat medication regimes for patients on an annual basis.  Our Pharmacists are expert medication specialists and provide advice to our other clinical staff on the most appropriate prescribing options.

Practice Pharmacists are available for consultations with some patients who have complex chronic diseases or if you have a query about the medication you are taking.


Lynne Garforth BSc Hons PGDip IP

Practice Pharmacist

Lynne works with Jubilee Medical Centre on behalf of Ashburton Prescribing.  She graduated from Aston University and worked for National Co-operative Chemists for a number of years.  More recently, Lynne worked within the Medicines Management Team at Liverpool CCG, specialising in anti-coagulation, children's and women's health.


Sue Read BSc Hons, PGDip IP

Practice Pharmacist

Sue, alongside Lynne is co-founder of Ashburton Prescribing, working with Jubilee Medical Centre.  She graduated from Aston University in 1983 and worked within hospitals, specialising in elderly care and creating a domiciliary support service for hospice patients.  More recently, Sue worked for the Medicines Management Team, where she completed an clinical diploma in advanced therapeutics.  Sue continues to act as Lead Pharmacist for older people's care.


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