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Jubilee Medical Centre

Change to appointments system

01 Sep 2019

At Jubilee we are committed to providing high quality and timely care to all our patients. For many years we have operated a system of seeing patients on the same day that they ask for an appointment and not having appointments booked in advance. Unfortunately over the last year the number of requests has increased to a point where we have struggled to keep up. We have always triaged a proportion of our calls, but now we are changing to a system where we triage all requests for appointments.

Under the new system appointments won't be used up dealing with problems that can be sorted out over the phone. This means that there will be more available when you really need to see a clinician. It will also mean that we can book you in with the person who is best suited to deal with your problem. Finally, as long as you give an accurate description of the problem to reception it means we can recognise and deal with urgent problems more promptly.

If you need an appointment please call the surgery in the morning before 12:30, just like before. You will be added to the doctors call back list and will be called back the same morning. After 12:30 we are only able to accept calls for urgent problems that have to be dealt with the same day. Sometimes the doctor will ask a receptionist to call you back if they feel they might be able to resolve the problem.

IN addition we still have a small number of follow up appointments, depending on availability, that can be booked in advance where a clinician has recorded in the notes that they wanted you to arrange a follow up.

If you are unable to use a phone for whatever reason please discuss with reception when making a request for an appointment.