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Jubilee Medical Centre

Access your records

You can access part of your patient records online via the Patient Access system.

If you are not registered with Patient Access then please call into the surgery.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the subsequent legislation under the General Data Protection Regulations you are able to view all your records.   The purpose for which data is processed by us is for the delivery of healthcare to individual patients. In addition, the data is also processed for other non-direct healthcare purposes such as medical research, public health or health planning purposes when the law allows. 

Data Protection and your rights

Under UK law you are entitled to a copy of any personal data records we may hold about you.  Here at Jubilee those records may relate to you having been a past or current patient and while some are going to be available through the Patient Access System, there may be some which are held in hardcopy or you may not have computer access to view those records yourself.


In those cases (with the exception of records that might be excessively complicated or lengthy - it all depends on the circumstances) there is no charge for having them supplied to you.

You do have the right to ask for anything you feel is incorrect to be amended however in the case of our clinical records this may not be possible however we will discuss the matter with you and we may add your concerns and views to the existing entry.   You also have the right to ask us to delete your records but again that will depend on what records we hold and for what purpose.

We would ask that if you want a copy of your records you speak to Reception in the first instance to obtain a form and can then expect us to provide them within a month of receiving your request back.   The timescale may be extended for complex matters but we will keep you advised throughout.

You may also download a request form here