Make an appointment

There are several types of appointments you can make at this practice. Receptionists are happy to help you decide which is the most appropriate appointment for you.

Could the Chemist Help?

Lots of common ailments can be managed without any need to see a health professional. Some chemists operate the ‘care at the chemist’ scheme where you can obtain advice and prescriptions regarding common ailments including:

  • Coughs, colds, fever and sore throat
  • allergy, hayfever,
  • conjunctivitis, cold sores, mouth ulcers
  • indigestion, constipation , diarrhoea, cystitis
  • haemorrhoids, pain, headache,
  • head lice, threadworms
  • thrush, contact dermatitis, athlete’s foot, warts and verrucae

If you normally get free prescriptions these prescriptions will also be free.

Do you have a Questions about Medication or need a Medication Review?

Please ask reception to pass your query to the practice pharmacist, who will review it and make sure you get an answer. For a medication review you may need to see the practice nurse, or have a blood test or a telephone consultation. If you have been seen recently the pharmacist may be able to do the medication review by looking at your medical records. 

Could you see an Advanced Practitioner?

Advanced practitioners are experienced health care professionals (nurse practitioners or pharmacists) who have had rigorous training at university and are able to deal with the vast majority of problems GPs see. They can diagnose, request investigations, prescribe and refer to specialists if necessary. If they need advice, they will speak to a GP in the practice or arrange a GP appointment for you.

Making an Appointment

Most appointments are given out on the day. Some pre-bookable appointments are available up to 6 days in advance.

All surgeries are by appointment only. Appointments can be made online, by telephone or by calling into the surgery, but not by email.

Please inform us if you are unable to attend for your appointment so we can allow someone else to rebook it.

Making a Telephone Consultation

Many problems can be sorted by a telephone consultation; advice can be given and prescriptions issued, saving valuable time for everyone. If you would like to speak to a doctor, please request a telephone consultation.

Extended Hours

There are two late surgeries per week, by appointment only. These are intended for patients who cannot easily attend during the day. Late surgeries run from 6:30pm on different days each week. There is a limited number of appointments, so please ask for one only if you cannot attend at other times.


If you are unable to visit the surgery, please telephone before 11.00am. Visits will usually be done between 12.00 and 4.00pm. Try to give the receptionist some idea of the problem—the doctor will ring back to clarify the request.

Please do not request an immediate visit unless you feel there is a real emergency, because of the disruption this causes to surgeries—in the time taken up by a home visit the doctor can see several patients in surgery.

Out of Hours

If you need an urgent visit or advice outside of normal surgery hours please telephone the normal surgery number and you will either be transferred automatically to the out of hours service or advised to call 111. You will be offered telephone advice, an appointment at a GP out of hours centre, or a visit as appropriate. Please be considerate and do not call if your problem could wait until the next day.

Other Options

Click here for information on Walk in Centres, 111 and A&E.