Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Cora & The Explorer, an update!

Update May 2023

For those who was following our Advanced Nurse Practitioners Keith Kiernan's journey to raise funds for Epilepsy Research UK, we are pleased to announce that Keith & his dog Cora have recently returned from their adventure. They both completed a Coast To Coast Walk and travelled more than 190 miles starting at St Bees and ending in Robin Hood Bay. In addition to this, they have managed to raise almost £900 for Epilepsy Research UK. 

Keith would like to thank anyone who has donated and is extremely grateful for all the support and well wishes he has had. Please be sure to follow the Cora & The Explorer YouTube account and Instagram account for a recap of their trip and future adventures!


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(Tuesday, 07 February 2023)

Keith Kiernan - A Coast To Coast Walk

Our Advanced Nurse Practitioner Keith Kiernan and his dog Cora will be raising funds for Epilepsy Research UK by hiking 190 miles from Coast 2 Coast, camping along the way. Please see the message below from Keith and why he is taking on this challenge. 

I will be raising Funds for Epilepsy Research UK this spring. Starting on 24th April 2023 I will be leaving St Bees on the Cumbria coast and Hiking to Robin Hoods Bay on the Yorkshire Coast at least 190 miles. Accompanied by my dog Cora, I will be carrying my tent and everything for the 14-16 days on my back.

Why Epilepsy Research UK? My youngest son was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 17 yrs. This has given me first hand knowledge of the dangers and impact on his and our lives as a family. After being particularly unwell following a seizure, I decided I wanted to do a small thing to raise awareness of epilepsy and funds for research.

If you can not make a donation please share this with other people, say a little prayer or send me your good wishes to help me along my way.

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Thank you