Online Services

Please click one of the following links.

When you sign up to GP online services you'll be able to use a website or app to:

  • book or cancel appointments online with a GP or nurse
  • order repeat prescriptions online
  • view parts of your GP record, including information about medication, allergies, vaccinations, previous illnesses and test results
  • view clinical correspondence such as hospital discharge summaries, outpatient appointment letters and referral letters

The service is free and available to everyone who is registered with Jubilee Medical Centre.

Registering for Online Services

In order to register, you need to register on line or download an app.  There are a number of apps available including:

  • Evergreen Life: click here
  • Patient Access: click here


Registering with one of these websites will set you up with a provisional account. You then should attend surgery with evidence of:

  • your identity (e.g. a passport)
  • your address (e.g. a utility bill)

Follow this link for a list of the documents we can accept.

We will then confirm your online access. The system links into the practice’s clinical system and allows you, once registered, to use any of the following services:

Online Appointment Booking

You can book routine telephone triage appointments with a GP through the website. The doctor will discuss the problem with you and work out what to do next. You may want advice, or a prescription, or you may need to come in. The doctor will arrange an appointment with you if you need to be seen.

This service also allows you to review and cancel appointments that you have booked at the practice.

Repeat Prescriptions

Patients who receive regular prescriptions from the practice can request a repeat prescription from the practice by logging their account and selecting the drugs that are required. The Practice Pharmacist then either accepts or declines the request and the patient is notified.

Change Your Contact Details

The system allows you to change your contact details online, so the surgery always has the most up to date details for you.

Please note that Patient Online Services are not operated by Jubilee Medical Centre. If you experience any problems please check the status of the site BEFORE ringing the practice. The practice can re-issue login and password details but, unfortunately, we cannot provide any other support if you encounter difficulties.